giovedì 25 luglio 2013

Hime outfit for my Bday party ~

Hi all, this morning I decided to write my blog in English after many people asked me to do it on instagram!
So that's it! Today I tried to build outfit for my birthday party. I want to look like a beautiful princess! If someone has to give me some advice, I beg you to write me a comment. I'll be happy to read and respond.

I thought I'd wear these things:
Cardigan: Ma*rs
Dress: Subdued
Shoes: Yumetenbo
Iphone5 case: AEONAZ

BTW my hair is very short and shaved on one side! I ordered on etsy, by a very nice English girl
Two Dots,  hair extensions that I could apply for a side braid.  If you like these extencion please look at her FB page.

Unfortunately I have not yet decided for the bag but I'll soon be posting my choice. My birthday will be on the beach with lots of music, fun, alcohol and friends. I am really excited! In addition, my blog is new and with a few followers, sooooo I decided to make  a fantastic giveaway soon, so spread the word among your friends!
That'all for today!

Many kisses

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