martedì 30 luglio 2013

My new new new Extensions + Ma*rs bag! (LOVELY)

Today was a great day. Finally, the cousin of my boyfriend graduated and became Doctor! The thesis was really interesting and he was really fantastic.

On my return, I finally found the package I was waiting by the post office.Inside, there were not only false eyelashes  I'll put on my birthday but I found inside also this beautiful Ma*rs bag. As you can see from the photo will be matched with the shoes of my previous order from yumetenbo.

In addition,in the package there were long and black hair extensions. There are three bands. I am really very soft and full, I love them. So just got back from the degree I did a photo immediately. Here I am. What do you think about that?
Now I run to wear the costume because between about an hour there will be a pool party to celebrate the Degree of Ciccio!!! I can not wait! I am so excited!


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