lunedì 29 luglio 2013

Something new ~

Last weekend my boyfriend took me to my summer house to relax. I was so happy to spend some time with him. We did a romantic barbecue, gardening, and we saw a lot of movies as well as play super mario kart for nintendo 64! I always won this time! YATTA!!! On Sunday we went @ Espargo for dancing and drinking a cocktail on the sand, watching the sunset. I was wearing my Pyramid skirt by blackmilk (gold x black) The skirt is really soft and comfortable!

I also received a wonderful invitation for the wedding of my boyfriend's cousin. In September, I can not wait to participate @ this event and maybe wear my new full black extencion and Ma*rs dress. So kawaiiiiii!!!I want to show you another pic of my super cool boyfriend.

He has many more tattoos than me: a snake in the Japanese style on all the right forearm and it will soon continue with other designs to cover the whole arm up to the shoulder. As you can see in the picture also has a cuff on the arm in Maori style, another Maori tattoo that covers the entire left calf, and finally a big S on the right leg representing the names of the women in his life: his mother, his aunt and his grandmother.
And now this is a special cake with chocolate and rum that i have made only for him. It was very yummy!!!

BTW Tomorrow black extension with turquese tips and a super special parcel (that I hope to show in the next post) will arrive by mail and i'm so happy.
So stay tuned!!!


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