martedì 27 agosto 2013

Black Ma*rs outfit and something about me!

Today I finally tried my Ma * rs  black outfits! I do not wear wigs or extensions so you can see my natural hair that is shaved on one side.I am proud of my hair! Many of you will say it's not gyaru but it is not just my aesthetic choice, but also a choice of health. In fact I suffer from a skin disease called psoriasis. This disease covers 80% of my head, under the hair. So I must keep their hair shaved to the skin breathe.

We could talk about 4 kg that I took! Ever since I got engaged, including dinners, events and appetizers is difficult to control body weight. So I stabilized at this weight and my butt is in evidence. Anyway, I'm happy and I do not feel at all greasy! When I look in the mirror I am beautiful and feminine.

Today there are also other packages arrived with my new lashes, lime crime of a lipstick and finally the gorgeous shoes of dreamv!I am really happy of these purchases! This was the month of the renewal wardrobe, thanks to my BF presents! But now I have to go bake a cake because I will have as guests in my home my mother-in-law and sister in law! While my boyfriend pass an afternoon with his brother and his brother in law. It's raining cats and dogs, it is a very bad day, the weather is bad. How sad!

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