domenica 18 agosto 2013

Ma*rs and nights out!

Finally the Ma*rs wallet arrived!I have to thank a shopping service that was fast and super reliable. I hope to buy again through their service. If you are interested I leave you the link to their fb page. GORGEOUS BARBIE!

I ordered this on Monday and on Wednesday arrived in Italy. Better than that? I also tried to make a new nail art, a little HimeBarbie. I do not like but anyway I put the photo here.

I sincerely hope to improve! And I hope that my nails grow. This week we went to the beach to see the fireworks on August 15. Me, my boyfriend, his sister and her partner. The sea at night is really beautiful!

Unfortunately I could not photograph the fireworks, they were too far away and the iphone did not help me at night. In the meantime, my boyfriend played with Simson on the phone, and the lovely couple was taking photographs together.

Last night my boyfriend took me to take a cocktail in the center of Rome, under the banks of the Tevere, in front of the Tiber Island. It 'was so romantic. The place was delicious. I also cried for a misunderstanding but then he hugged me and I was happy. He is my sunshine.

I ordered a Sweet Martini. A delicate and delicious cocktail! Then we got organized and now we're back on the bike in the center of Rome for shopping. On September 14th we will have a wedding and so we had to buy clothes. I found a simple little black dress. I've bought from zara in via del corso.

I hope to make the dress more particular with shoes and accessories.Now I have to go. Tomorrow morning I leave for a week's holiday with my love. I will update on my return!

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  1. bellissimo il borsellino *w*
    Buone vacanze e divertiti!
    Ps non vedo l'ora di vedere l'outfit completo per il matrimonio :)