martedì 13 agosto 2013

My closet is new and some stuff ~

Today I am very happy because probably my boyfriend will take me out to dinner. Of course, rumors seem to say that we will go to Japanese and I'm so excited! Yesterday I gave a crap in my closet to make room for the next Gyaru clothes. Now I really like my wardrobe as well, though for now it is still a little empty.

I also found my favorite plushes  and I have put them on my bed. The bear is a HEART BEAR  from 80s, is very old but well maintained and looks new. And 'giant and soft. Its name is MIRTILLO (In Italian means Blueberry). The second is moooooooore recent, a beautiful pink Alpaca bought at Romics last year. It is part of the Japanese brand Alpakasso. This plush toy is female and is called IDRIS. The last smaller, but no less important, is a Disney plush  bought on my trip to HongKong. My father took me to Disneyland in HonkKong and I found this beautiful Voodoo doll by Stich. This plush toy has no name, maybe I should get one, do you want to help me?

As for this past weekend, I was at the lake with my boyfriend but it was not pleasant to be at my aunt's house. It is now a month since my uncle died and the house is finished in chaos. My cousin is rude to me and my boyfriend, my aunt keeps dirty house like a gypsy camp. We ran away as soon as we finished lunch (terrible and disgusting as always)!We were able to make two beautiful photos of the view that in spite of everything is beautiful. My pic is here, the other is on Andrea's Iphone. It 'a shame, because the panoramic version is beautiful.

To conclude, today I did a bit of shopping. Finally I found what I was looking desperately and that I had already mentioned on my Facebook page. They are small but they are so happy to have found everything and I hope to try to do the make-up that I thought..... very soon, as well as decorate my nails.

Starting from the first picture on the left to follow from the first product on the left, we find: nail polish remover by Royal Beauty, Nail file by RoyalBeauty, Deborah Nail stickers, stones and glitter for nails. In the second picture: VAMP Rimmel - Pink by Pupa, VAMP Pigments - Pink by Pupa!

And that's all for today!

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