lunedì 5 agosto 2013

My super 25th BDAY party! ~ la bella vita

Finally I celebrated my birthday! These two days were beautiful! On the eve of my birthday I celebrated with my best friend, Jasmine. We met at 23:00 to the Janiculum. A magical place where you can see Rome by night.She gave me a bottle of Muller Turgau and the delicious chocolate muffins (YUMMYYY) And here's the evidence!

BTW Jasmine was really sweet! As for the desserts, on 3rd afternoon, my boyfriend went (with 40 °) to the center of town @ Laduree and He bought for me some Rose Macarons that He taken to my home for tea. I love HIM.
Finally came the magical day and we all went to Espargo for celebrate together (4th August). Finally I was able to implement my first a little bit Hime outfit , and I'm pretty proud, considering that my boyfriend repeated at least a hundred times that I was beautiful and sexy.

I really feel very feminine with this style, delicate and sweet. It reflects my personality a lot. I'm so happy that my boyfriend appreciate, especially the brand Ma*rs! I really hope he makes me many gifts. I want a closet with all my Hime collection dresses and accessories.
Now I want to show you all gifts received for my birthday.

These beautiful flowers are a gift from my parents. My father gave me red roses, my mother beautiful bouquet of pink flowers, I joined them together and here is the result. Super elegant!

This is the gift from my boyfriend. A stunning necklace by OPS very sparkling. He knows my passion for everything that shines. It 's a great zircon! I love it and can not wait to wear it with a pink outfit!!!!

In accordance with my boyfriend, my mother in law and my sister in law gave me the bracelet from the same collection! So now I have a parure!

The cousin of my boyfriend and his sweet and beautiful girlfriend gave me these bracelets and this necklace from Accessorize! They were able to immediately understand my taste and my passion for the things white or pink! I've worn the same day of my birthday and they were perfect with my outfit.

This magnificent pen that shines thanks to a thousand swarovski, it is the gift made ​​to me by my friend Myriam to use it in my work as Product Manager. It 's really the most beautiful pen I've ever seen, and this one is pink too.
I have yet to receive the gift of my cousins, my mother's friends and Jasmine. Who knows what will give me!!!
Thank you all for the wonderful birthday eve and birthday. You were all wonderful. These 25 years are very important for me because finally I found my future husband.

with love and happyness

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  1. Sono contenta tu ti sia divertita al compleanno <3 non vedo l'ora di darti anche il mio regalo!!!

  2. your outfit looks really nice! I love the white bow shoes from yumetenbo <3<3 and I followed you back

    greetz, lenie