mercoledì 14 agosto 2013

Nails, New Bag and Romantic Sushi time.

Today I have good news! Finally came the candybag taken from Klaudia, a really nice and cute lolita who lives in the north of Europe. The bag is really delicious although very small and I think I'll use it as a clutch at the wedding of my cousin's boyfriend.

Then I tried to do a little bit of nail art are very basic. Unfortunately my nails are still too short. I'm thinking of doing a reconstruction ...

Recently I saw a video on youtube: 3d nail art of a girl in Melbourne. Her name is Clara and makes beautiful gyaru nails ! I also found a photo on her personal blog of nail shape that I want.

I love them! I hope to have them soon.Yesterday, my boyfriend took me to the Japanese, and we ate a lot. My stomach was about to burst. It 'was so romantic and fun. I love my boyfriend. He treats me like a princess, He takes care of me. Always.

The sushi was really delicious. All the tuna was for Andrea. He loves tuna. We have divided the salmon because it's my favorite but he likes too. Crab and shrimp were good but not the greatest.

And with MY Tempura, because Andrea does not eat any kind of vegetables, I'm there. Last night I wore my new extension. I absolutely love it. The make up was not really gyaru. I wear false eyelashes but not bottom. I preferred to just put mascara because of the temperature hot and muggy. After this blowout, we went for a walk in the GIARDINO DEGLI ARANCI, a magical place in Rome. In this place you look into  a keyhole and sees a secret garden that ends with a view of the dome of the Vatican. It was very dark and it was impossible to take good pictures with my Iphone.

So even for today is all. I'm waiting for several parcels and I hope soon to be able to do the new post of my new things.

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