domenica 25 agosto 2013

Pink & Black are my DRUGs! ~

I just got back from vacation and I just knew that I will be in November (for 4 days).. in London with my boyfriend. I am very excited. Back home I found a lot of packages. They came so many things and I can not wait to show them all. My boyfriend has been launched on the parcels to open them. He is very curious.

The first package contained this beautiful necklace that reminds me of sailor moon. I had ordered three months ago. This necklace is very beautiful! You can find it on Ebay.

In the second pack all my past winnings in auctions. (MBOK) A Ma * rs OP, a Ma * rs baby doll and the wonderful coat with fox fur by Ma * rs. In the package I found the cup of Ma * rs that I will use as a pen holder.

In the last parcel were Extensions and obviously my new MyMelody cover for Iphone 5. I love it deeply!!

This past week Andrea and I stayed in my summer house. We have come to find guests, we visited a fifteenth-century castle, we laughed, played with animal crossing wii, and we can say we are more than ready to live together next year.

Andrea gave me a pink mirror for my makeup application in Valcanneto and a hello kitty notebook  really kawaii. He also wanted to buy me the scepter of sailor moon but I said no. In addition we have eaten so many delicious things, these were taken in a Japanese, Chinese and Thai supermarket in Rome. We took all them with us and none has returned.

I think I have written all for today. I'm still waiting two or three parcels and I should receive them this week.
Kisses for all!

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  1. Adoro quella collana e anche la cover di melody *0*

  2. Rosa...rosa ovunque *w* ....comunque la collana è bellissimissima per non parlare delle altre cose <3

  3. the necklace is so pretty, so are your clothing items *_*!!♡

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