martedì 24 settembre 2013

Wishlist and Sickness

Sorry! I know I disappeared for a long time, but unfortunately my health is not the best. I have a high fever and I can not recover. The Last week I was in a horrible wedding party. The bride made ​​us sick. She claimed to make us dinner in the garden with 9 degrees. We were all with elegant summer clothes but did not think that this September would have been cold, it that the bride would set out the whole thing. I suffering from a rare disorder since childhood that does not allow me to have strong immune system, I took a nice pneumonia. Unfortunately my boy tries to do not stand very close, otherwise if He get sick can not go to work and we need money.We are also trying to sell my house in summer. With this money, we could go to live together.As for the wedding now everything is confirmed, even my mother-in-law knows. There is talk of a date but probably to put away until I have sold this house.
I realized that the winter I have a mind more sad,  I miss so much the pastel goth. Since my spring summer wardrobe is complete with the orders of Ma * rs, now I can go shopping winter clothes and put something pastelgoth ... who knows. Or maybe not. I'm confused!

This is my wishlist. A little bit of everything and various styles:

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  1. ommioddio ma l'orso grassoccio è così teneroso *^* comunque fermaaaaaaa smetti di cambiare grafica una volta a settimanaaaaa ;3; non mi far rosicare hahahaaha perchè ti viene sempre così beneeeeeee ù_ù e vedi di guarire mi manchi <3

  2. perchè visto che sto male dovrò fare qualcosa a casa XD se vuoi ti sistemo anche il tuo

  3. I hope you get better ^o^