lunedì 21 ottobre 2013

Ma*rs + Forever 21 orders arrived

Oh my god! Today my package from the fantastic shopping service, GORGEOUS BARBIE arrived! This is the second time that I ordered from them and I'm really happy too! The package always arrives fast in 3/4 days by EMS! And the content is super! I have to thank them for great gifts! 

Here my Ma*rs pink leopard sweater together with shopping bag, the catalog and their gifts: two My Melody face mask!

Now I need someone who can translate the masks and the way of application. Japanese is totally alien to me. I would love to learn to speak and read Japanese. Unfortunately I do not have time or money to do it.
Today it also came another order. My shoes taken from Forever 21 for my style rokku / pastelgoth. They'r really tall and very comfortable. I love them! I can't wait to wear them with my various BlackMilk leggings!

and this is all for today! 

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