domenica 20 ottobre 2013

Models, Anorexia and Photoshop!

Just 10 minutes ago I received a phone call telling me that I had qualified in the top 30 models at the Alternative show 2013, in London.
I am really very excited! It 's a truly wonderful news! This is my photos that participated  (doing this past May) and I thank the staff for the great work. I am very ashamed because seeing this picture (and it 's a small preview of the set) I realized that, unfortunately, the photographer has abused really too much of photo editing with photoshop, the result is that I look totally different and too lean for my standards. I am proud of my REAL body and I am sad to note that to be successful you have to change so much your own virtual image. This photo is a small preview and I had to cut it to show to you. Soon as I get the go ahead I will publish entirely and of course all the others.

In this post I want to emphasize that I am against all this editing, I'm against anorexia and I think that being beautiful means you always work on themselves, but also acept own body because every woman is beautiful in its own way. Every body is beautiful, everyone is beautiful! Now I show you a picture of me this afternoon to the natural. 

Here I have really very little makeup, and I hope that you realize and you share all of my thoughts: I am beautiful, and I am proud to be who I am. Without retouching, without falsehood. What do you think about that? I would be very happy if anyone when reading these lines take a bit of time to write his thoughts in a small comment.

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  1. Youre so right! Everyone is beautyfull in their own way.. if you are tiny or tall if you are very small or fat.. It don't mind! The point you have to accept to yourself first is to be happy with yourself.. you have to be happy who you are and how you are.. and if you are happy with yourself you dont want to look so skinny annymore xD