sabato 5 ottobre 2013

R o M i C s

Hello! Yesterday more than to arrive in time my last purchase, I went to Romics. I must say that is the last year that I go and the good news is that I will be in Lucca Comics and Games! However, I am happy that my order arrived and BoyLondon is also my gray wig. I love it!

The Romics has become very expensive and pavilions this year became more and more disgusting. I enjoyed a small space for Star Trek and the 30th anniversary of Creamy. Andrea has spent 70 euro in comics, I  spent 25 euro for a plush and powder of the Etude (recommended from my best friend Jelly) I am so sad because we have not seen for a month and I miss her so much.

And here was the only picture I took. I was very tired and makeup began to melt, this year I did not do photos, I'm just so happy to go out with my future husband and share with him also this reality.

Today it rains a lot and I'm waiting to go out with my mother. Tonight I'll going with a friend of mine to see the concert of Serj Tankian. Andrea left for Milan  to see the football game of his team, as ROma.

2 commenti:

  1. che figa la parra, ti sta iper bene!!! anche tu hai preso il nyampire, io amo quel micio *^* ne volevo prendere milioni hahhaah e la cipria ha un odore troppo buono ;3;

    1. è vero la cipria ha un odore deliziosoooooo <3 si l'o preso perchè mi ricorda Adolfone!!!! Più magro ma sempre Adolfoneeee!!! Hai preso altre cose poi?