lunedì 7 ottobre 2013

Review ~ Labello Pearly Shine

Hello to all! Today I want to write a little review of a great product and very well known. I want to tell you about the new Labello Pearly Shine. What is new? New formula, new perfume, new style, new brilliance!

I must say that I was very reluctant to buy it. It 'a very old brand, and often I used it when I was a teenager. The result? Really obscene and lips were never soft. But now everything has changed! not only from its packaging ... really pretty and feminine. Pearly pink. I must say that catches your eye.

But now we talk about the result. In addition to leaving your lips moisturized very truly and finally (halleluia!) is much brighter! The lips are soft shiny and full of light! My god! And 'the definitive product for the winter 2013/2014 and replaces all the lipsticks! I'm really happy. All Pro! The only thing that does not convince me is the smell and taste, a little too soapy, but are tastes and tastes are personal!

(This is a picture made ​​on the skin of the hand of my mother. I had to run to work and I would not have time to wash.) As you can see, even on the more mature skin the result is excellent. I also did a series of photos on my lips and here's the result.

Hope you like the review!

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