domenica 3 novembre 2013

Happy Halloween and new tattoo

Hi all! This halloween I was a super cute Black cat for a special event with my lovely man and other friends! Initially I thought of having to stay indoors. Instead ... super mega party in a delicious place in the center of Rome. I hope you enjoy my photos.

OP: Yumetenbo
Belt: Armani Jeans
Leggings: Blackmilk
Shoes: Forever 21
Wig: Lockshop
Cat Ears: Accessorize

and this is my make up! This make up is a favorite from my boyfriend says I look like a little fawn and also I love it. It 's very simple to do, maybe soon I'll make a tutorial.

I also have great news. 
Me and my boyfriend have a new tattoo! 
Here are some photos of that day!

waiting outside for our time!


Andrea was the first! The thing I can not stand is that Andrea does not suffer the pain!

Here is the King of chess! both are my drawings. I am proud that my boyfriend  added one of my drawings on his body. For now we have only the outline tattooed but in March we will make the internal nuances.

this is my tattoo. I was alone in my turn, so no one has photographed me. I have the chess queen with a crystal heart . Unfortunately, the pain is a lot these days! My pain threshold is very low, and so Andrea has bought for me these two gifts. Two vintage toys!

I love sailor moon! And I'm really happy now!

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  1. Sono curiosa di vedere il tatoo finito, già di per se bellissimo *o* anche se molto grande da quanto o notato XD
    comunque per halloween l'outfit era divino ;)